Durban Retinal AssociatesDurban Retinal Associates
Please contact our practice on +27 31 261 9090.

We may ask you for more information about your condition and it often helps if we can see a copy of your referral letter, if you have been given one. This will allow our reception staff to make sure that your booking has the appropriate priority, as many of the conditions that we treat may need to be treated urgently.

As both Dr Young and Dr Gundry have a sub-specialist interest in diseases and surgery of the Retina, there are some conditions that we do not manage (like LASIK, Corneal transplants, squints, plastic surgery). Our reception staff will assist you to find Ophthalmologists with these interests if we are not able to manage your condition.

To help speed up your administration process, download and complete the Patient Information form as well as the Medical History form and return the completed document before your Admission to or fax to 031 261 9090.

Your first appointment with our practice may be a little bit longer, especially if your condition involves the retina.

You should allow 30 to 60 minutes the first appointment or any appointment where a procedure is required (such as an injection).

As a retinal practice we often have to dilate your pupils to examine the retina. This is done by instilling drops in your eyes and can take from 10 to 45 minutes depending on the speed of dilation of your pupil. When your pupils are dilated, your vision may be affected and you should NOT drive on the day of your appointment. Please contact the practice ahead of your appointment if you want to check whether this will be necessary. The dilation effect may last from 3 to 12 hours but is always temporary.